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About Yeomans Car Art

Yeomans Car Art has been offering high quality, hand drawn car caricatures and automotive illustrations for many makes and models for over 10 years.

I started Yeomans Car Art with the aim of producing car illustrations that more accurately represented the cars but maintained the popular caricature art style. I try to put as much detail as I can into the drawings and pride myself on the high quality of the end result.

All my caricatures are hand drawn and rendered; originally, using marker pens on paper, but more recently, drawn digitally using a tablet and stylus to achieve almost identical results. They are then edited to produce the various colour options and modifications.

Alongside the car caricatures, I have been creating street art style paintings (made using hand cut stencils) and marker pen sketches of some of my favourite cars. These are all now available here at Yeomans Car Art, making it your one stop shop for automotive art and illustrations.

All artwork featured on this website has been created by Richard Yeomans, whose car art is becoming increasingly well known throughout the UK and worldwide.


Please note: All caricatures and car artwork featured in this website are 100% unofficial and are in no way connected to manufacturers of the models they depict. All artwork sold by Yeomans Car Art remain the intellectual property of Richard Yeomans. No unauthorised reproduction is permitted.