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How To Draw a Car Caricature

Originally, each caricature was hand sketched and rendered using mostly marker pens but also a mix of other media. Since 2016, I have been creating my caricatures digitally using an iPad and Stylus achieving near identical results. Although the way I create of creation has changed, the method is still very similar to the information below... instead of picking up different pens, I just switch brush settings! So, in effect my caricatures are still hand drawn and rendered, before being edited to produce the various colour options. I try to put as much detail as I can into the drawings and pride myself on the high quality of the end result. On average, it takes around 4-7 hours of solid work to complete a caricature.

I've created two videos to show how to draw and render a car caricature which I hope you find useful and informative.

And here's a time lapse video of my Milk Float caricature, created on the iPad using Procreate software.